How to spot a trainwreck on a railway

In an age of the train wreck, there’s no better way to spot one than to catch a train wreck.A new documentary called Railway Porn is the first to show how the most famous of the most popular train-wreck movies is often a one-hit wonder.The film shows how a group of enthusiasts discovered the movie,


Which is the longest railway in the Pacific?

With a capacity of over 4,500,000 passengers a day, the Pacific Electric Railway is one of the longest railways in the world, and one of only two remaining in the region.Named after its legendary conductor, Alishan Forest, the longest track runs from Victoria in New South Wales to New Guinea, connecting Australia with South America.Its


When does the Australian Rail Trains first open?

Posted November 01, 2018 15:03:53When did the Australian rail network open?That’s the big question that’s been debated on the Australian blogosphere for a couple of years now.And now the answer is finally coming.Australian Rail’s official opening date was announced on November 1st, but the dates have varied from year to year.Last year’s date was set