A railway station in the south-east of China, and a museum dedicated to the railway station it serves


A railway museum in the southern part of China has opened up to the public.

Located at Jungfraub railway station the museum has a unique view of the railway and the railway junctions, including a railway station.

The railway museum also houses a large train museum, where people can take photos of trains, and an exhibition of rare railway vehicles.

The museum’s director, Yang Guohua, told news agency AFP news agency the museum opened in December last year and has been collecting information on the railway, which dates back to the late Qing dynasty.

“It’s been in the planning stage for a long time,” Yang said.

“The museum was supposed to open in May, but we’ve only just started the operation.”

The museum has two floors, each with an exhibition area.

“There are different areas for different exhibitions,” Yang added.

“The museum is a unique one, and the location gives it a special charm.”

Yang said the museum will open in the first quarter of 2019.

The Museum of Railway Station at Jungfu Railway Station, north China’s Guangdong province, December 2018.

(Reuters: Yang Guoheng)

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