Branson train station signs up for scenic railway


A train station sign up has been handed in to the government’s new scenic railway network, a government spokesperson said on Friday.

The government said the sign was handed in for approval by the government-appointed panel tasked with making the final design of the railway.

It is the first time a railway station has been given permission to host signs.

The train station has a long history, dating back to the 1860s when it was a small, two-lane, track-building station on a small railway line connecting Branson and Newbury.

The station has since changed hands, most recently to the state-owned operator of the line.

“We are pleased to welcome the sign into the new scenic rail network,” said Sarah Harrison, the state’s chief operating officer.

The sign was put up by the Department of Environment and Conservation and the Branson County Council.

The sign says, ‘I am here to make a difference’.

The department’s deputy chief executive, Nick Waugh, said the signs “help bring about change” by highlighting the importance of tourism and the importance to locals of being a local employer.

He said the department “does not feel any pressure” to make changes, given that the station has always been part of the state.

Branson County Councillor Steve Dutton said the station “really needs to have a say” in the project.

It was a “blessed day” for the station and for the community.

The department said it was “extremely pleased” with the sign and it was being put up as a “last resort” in case the government wanted to go ahead with changes.

Its “preferred to have the project continue”, a department spokesperson said.

A sign was installed at the station in April.

The department will work with local businesses and stakeholders to ensure that the new railway system works for the people of Branson.

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