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Can’t You Just Write It Yourself?

– Canadian Railway stocks were down in the wake of the latest B.C. wildfires, and the railway code is starting to catch up to the latest innovations.

Victoria’s National Railway is the first Canadian railways to have an updated code of practice for railway safety, following a recent review of existing rules.

“The new code includes a requirement that train operators adhere to the best practices in rail accident reporting,” said David Eby, vice-president of regulatory affairs at the Rail Safety Foundation.

The new rule comes in response to a fire in Vancouver last year that killed six people.

Railroads around the country have adopted new train safety protocols, including mandatory train training.

Train accident reporting is mandatory for all new railway vehicles, with an update being in place for all existing locomotives, including older ones.

In addition, the B.P.S.E. has a mandatory safety code for all railroad property.

Transport Canada also introduced a code of conduct for its rail workforce.

On Saturday, the provincial government issued a statement on safety standards, saying that the railways have a “comprehensive safety program” that is in place to ensure the safety of their employees and customers.

But the statement added that it has no authority to impose new requirements on railway companies.

Earlier this month, a federal committee on the railways voted to require railways to implement safety protocols for all employees and passengers, including in regards to fire risk.

It also recommended the railways implement a code for employees and drivers to implement as part of their duties.

According to Transport Canada, there are more than 15,000 rail safety regulations in place across Canada.

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