How to avoid the train-stop nightmare


By John W. Waugh | 12 March 2018 05:37:11Travellers will have to contend with some awkward, awkward questions when they enter a train station on the New South Wales North Coast on Thursday night.

Key points:Train-stop etiquette is important to understand, experts sayIf you don’t follow the rules, you could be finedBy The Age’s Sarah WilsonThe North Coast station is set to host the AFL grand final, which is being held in Sydney.

It will be the last grand final to be held in Australia before the end of 2019.

The event, which was scheduled for this weekend, will be held on the North Coast at Darling Harbour in Sydney’s northern suburbs.

If you do not follow the station’s train-stopping rules, police will be on hand to escort you from the station, which sits on a railway line.

The train stops for passengers in Darling Harbour are also set to be moved, but passengers will be able to disembark the train in the city.

There is no official time for people to leave the station.

Instead, people are asked to wait in the station for around 20 minutes, then go through security checks.

But if you do go through the station without a ticket, you will be fined $200.

That means that the person who has the ticket is not required to leave.

People can also be fined for “disobeying a train or railway officer” and for “engaging in behaviour that does not conform with the rules of the road”.

What is train-stand etiquette?

Train-stops are used to transport people who need to move, for example, from a car to a train.

When they leave, they do not have to wait for an exit, so they can go about their business.

However, if a person has to leave without a train, they must leave on the same timetable as everyone else.

For example, if you go to the same stop as someone else, but you arrive at the station a different way, you must exit the same way.

Train-stand regulations apply to all trains in NSW, including trains carrying passengers travelling on freight trains.

The rules state that “any person who leaves the train on the wrong way or does not get off on time, should not be fined or penalised for doing so”.

The rule also says that “the person who left the train shall be entitled to the usual and usual compensation”.

The ABC’s Sarah Walker reports.

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