How to find a good deal on a train ticket


It is difficult to find good deals on trains in North America and South America.

But you can still get a good price on the cheapest seats.

Here are some tips.


Go to the train website.

It’s free and can give you more information about a train than any other source.

You can even find a train if you know where you are and what train it is. 2.

Choose a train for the trip.

You want to book a ticket on a ticket which has a guaranteed seat.

If you can’t get a ticket, book on a seat that has an increased chance of seat availability.

This seat is guaranteed for the entire trip.


Buy tickets at the train stations.

Many train stations have train tickets for sale.

They’re available at train stations, ticket machines and by mail.

If the train is in a station near you, check for availability by calling or texting your local station.


Buy from a ticket machine.

Ticket machines are generally the cheapest and easiest way to buy tickets.

They work by placing your phone on a card that is scanned at the ticket machine and the card is then sent to your mobile phone.

This is easy, quick and convenient.


Be careful when buying tickets.

There are some special deals available.

Some train companies are selling seats in bulk.

The cheapest tickets on a regular basis are often reserved for the first 100 to 200 people to buy.

If a seat is not available, they can sell tickets to people who have already purchased a seat and who will then purchase the seat.


Avoid trains on weekends.

Trains tend to be the most crowded during peak travel times, and there are often more passengers on the train than there are seats available.


Don’t buy a train that has been canceled.

Most trains do not run on weekends, and the trains which do run on Saturdays tend to have higher prices than other trains.


Be aware of other people buying tickets for you.

It is normal for people to offer to buy you a ticket for a specific train or station and to ask you to buy their tickets.

You should think about whether you want to buy from them, or whether you’d prefer to wait and wait for someone else to buy a seat.


Don´t worry about being late to the station.

Some trains, especially in South America, have wait lists for a few hours before people can board.

If someone comes on a weekend, it can be very frustrating and can be difficult to make the trip safely.


Buy in bulk to save money.

You could buy one ticket for $1.00 and have the rest for free.

When you buy multiple tickets, it saves you money and time on your trip.

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