How to get the most out of your Wooden Railway


Wooden railways are one of the oldest forms of railway travel, and they’ve been around for hundreds of years.

But as the internet has changed the way we communicate, they’re now a thing of the past.

They’re now accessible through apps like Instagram and Snapchat.

The idea is simple, though: you’re going to walk the rails and take a picture.

But for the adventurous, the railroads of the world are also full of secrets.

You can read more about the railroading world in our article about trains and trains stories. 

We love stories, and so we’ve put together a short guide to some of the most interesting and memorable railway stories.

Read on to find out what they are and how to discover more.1. 

The Great Train Robbery A young man in 1775 wanted to see the Grand Central Station in New York.

He took his camera and camera bag along.

He went on to steal $500,000 worth of goods.

But when the robbers found out the young man was a railway enthusiast, they decided to make him their slave.


Fool’s Gold An Australian man found gold in the middle of the Great Salt Lake in 1877.

He had a gold coin from the 1830s.

The police found it but the gold belonged to his mother.

They thought the gold was fake until it turned out it was real.


A New York treasure hunter took $3 million in gold from the bank of the Hudson River in 1904.


Two trains in the same station An American man was travelling from New York to London when he saw two trains in separate stations.

He decided to share his story with the world.


Lost Treasure A British man lost $5 million in 1912.


Dirty Trains A woman from England who travelled on an 1882 steam train from Liverpool to Birmingham lost $5,000 when the train’s whistle blew in the wrong direction.


Train thief in New Mexico An 1879 train thief robbed two passengers and stole their wallets and shoes.

The thief also took $500 in silver coins.


Wandering train A trainee trainee found his way onto the rails in 1874.

He found out he was hired as a slave.

He used the gold in his pockets to buy a ticket and started a career as a travelling salesman.


Black-Capped Train A man from the UK was on a train from London to Glasgow when a black-cap came to the front.

He was given the choice between two stops: “the first stop was to the left, and the second stop was on the right” and he took the right one.

He told the story to his employer, who told the police about his actions.


Locker A young boy wants to be a thief, but his mother thinks he’s too innocent to be trusted.

So, she takes him on a train journey to be more responsible.


Railroading in the Philippines In 1882, an 18-year-old Filipino boy started going on a journey with a friend.

They travelled to the Philippines and tore their belongings.

When they returned home, the young man told his mother about the incident.

He was sent to the police station, but he was exonerated because he had been in love with the girl of his dreams.


Polar Railway A Russian engineer started a railroad traveling trip from the city of Moscow to Moscow in 1883.

He said the journey was worth $1,500, and that he was a proud Russian citizen.


Rescue at the Bourbon Stakes A man went to the Mountain of Fire in 1891 to rescue his father. He didn’t have a GPS device but it was in his pocket, and he said he had to find it before the volunteers went to the rescue.


Trouble with a train An Englishman troubled his parents in 1905, when they tried to travel on an interurban train from Leeds to Liverpool. 

When the train tourised in Great Britain, the man said he was never allowed to travel on it again.


Unbelievable Train An Englishman was a voluntary voluntarily voluntourist in

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