How to see the new rail crossing sign in Henryville


The new railway crossing sign for Henryvale in west-central Victoria has been installed.

The project was launched in December, with the intention of improving safety and traffic flow at Henry Valley Station.

“The crossing is a very important piece of the plan for Henrys Valley Station, as it is an important point to get on and off,” said Victoria Metro Rail project manager, Steve Ruggles.

The crosswalk is at the corner of Glenfield Street and Glenfield Drive, between Glenfield Road and Glenford Road.

It’s a three-way crosswalk and the crosswalk will be used for loading and unloading trains, which can’t cross it.

“This is a crosswalk that is used by train operators to cross trains to get from one track to another.

The crossing is now the centre of the station, and we’ve now had a little bit of space for it to grow,” said Ruggs.

Railway crossings have been a focus of a major rail project in the region, which includes the opening of new freight trains and a new light rail line.

“It’s a fantastic sign that really says the importance of the railway crossing to our community and that this project is a priority,” said the Henrys Vale City Council.

The new crossing is also a major milestone in the planning of the new railway station.

It marks the first time that the crossing has been opened in a year.

It is currently closed to the public.

“That’s been a very significant milestone for Henries Valley Station in terms of having it open for the first and only time in the last 12 months,” said Rick Sallinger, a member of the Henry Vale City Planning Board.

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