How to stop a train without a ticket


By TONY BORNELEY Vice News StaffOn the afternoon of January 17, an hour and a half before the scheduled train departure time of 2:00pm, the TNS TK-3 railway car was suddenly halted by a train with two men sitting in the car, who were driving it.

The car was in the midst of travelling from Bordeaux to Sainte-Catherine-sur-Seine.

The man driving it was a man named Pierre, a former railway engineer who had previously worked in Sainterre-sur–Marne, a suburb of Paris, in the early 2000s.

Pierre, however, did not have a ticket and the train was in fact a “ticketless” one.

As the train pulled into the station, the conductor, who was sitting in his office, saw Pierre sitting in front of the car and noticed that he was not wearing his seat belt.

He immediately told the driver and the two men who were sitting in it, who did not stop the train, to get out.

Pierre was then taken to the station.

Pierre, who has been known to use social media to warn other railway employees of the existence of police officers who are “going to arrest you”, was not allowed to speak to journalists about what happened.

In the days that followed, several news outlets reported that Pierre was the subject of police harassment, and that he had complained to the railway police in Bordeau.

The station driver told reporters that he did not see Pierre, who is known to the media as “piggy”, in the TK car at all.

This did not sit well with Pierre, whose wife was in another car.

“It was a train from Brieux to Siena, I’m in the same car,” he told reporters.

“And there’s one of them in the train.

I said to him, ‘Can you help me?’

He said, ‘I’m not going to help you.

I’m going to call the police.

I can’t do it on my own.’

So I said, OK, then get out.”

Pierre was arrested the following day.

At the time, Pierre was in a hurry to leave for the Sienapet train station.

He had just returned from a work assignment in France, where he had just completed his railway engineering course.

Pierre had been working for a company that had bought a new train car, and he was in his final weeks before retiring.

While the TCS rail car was being stopped, Pierre, with the help of his wife and children, managed to get a taxi and drive the car to a nearby bus stop.

Pierre’s lawyer, Michel Delacroix, told the French newspaper Liberation that he believed Pierre had already been detained by the police, and was being questioned.

Pierre told Liberation that Pierre had told the police that he could not give them a ticket.

“They told me that they were going to arrest me and that I was going to go to prison for the rest of my life.

I told them I couldn’t do that.

They said, you are a criminal, you should be arrested,” Pierre told the newspaper.

Pierre’s wife, Jean, was also arrested by police on January 22, and charged with complicity in the kidnapping.

According to the complaint, Jean gave a false name, was the owner of a phone number in Paris, and made a phone call to the number on the phone of a woman named Jeanne.

Jean was arrested in Brieaux on January 28, with Pierre and Jean in custody in the morning of January 25.

They were being held at the station until the next morning.

The charges against Jean and Pierre were subsequently dropped, and the couple were released without charges.

A day after Pierre and his wife were released, Jean filed a lawsuit against the railway company, the railway driver, and two of the police officers.

He accused the railway car driver, a member of the SINET, and Pierre, the former railway officer, of illegally transporting him from Sienan to Paris, without his permission, without a valid ticket, and without informing him of his legal rights.

According to the suit, Pierre and Pierre’s lawyers were not able to reach any agreement with the railway operator, the driver, or the railway officer on the charges against the couple.

The two men have denied any wrongdoing and say they were simply trying to help Pierre get home safely.

Pierre is also claiming for wrongful arrest, unlawful detention, and negligence.

The case is currently under investigation by the Paris prosecutor.

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