How to survive a train wreck on the New York City Subway


A train wreck caused by a passenger train wreck has closed the subway for more than two hours in New York, prompting a citywide lockdown.

The subway system is running at reduced capacity and commuters have been advised to avoid the area.

The station is closed from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and there’s no word on how many people have been displaced.

The cause of the crash, which occurred near the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway in Brooklyn on Monday, is not yet known.

“The station is not open,” said MTA spokesman David Lapan.

“This was an incident that was triggered by a collision between a train and a pedestrian on the Brooklyn/Queens line.

“If it is a traffic issue, we are also working with them to ensure that all train services are safe. “

“As always, we will respond to any incident on the subway as quickly as possible.” “

New York Gov. “

As always, we will respond to any incident on the subway as quickly as possible.”

New York Gov.

Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency Monday afternoon, and police ordered subway service to be suspended until further notice.

Cuomo said the state’s transportation agency has sent two trains to Brooklyn to replace those that were damaged in the crash.

The governor said there were no fatalities and that there were more than 30 injuries.

The state also ordered the closure of the New Jersey Transit system, as well as the Orange County Transit Authority.

“I’m aware of reports that there was an accident involving a commuter train in Brooklyn that resulted in multiple injuries,” Cuomo said.

“My thoughts are with those impacted by this tragedy.”

Cuomo ordered a temporary closure of a subway line between Brooklyn and Manhattan, and said that subway service will be reduced in both directions by 6 p-m.


He said he had asked MTA officials to contact residents who live near the area to make arrangements to leave the area, including by telephoning and texting them to notify them.

The MTA says the train was on the tracks when it hit the pedestrian and the carriages were on the platform.

“While the situation remains under investigation, the MTA is working to determine what happened,” the agency said in a statement.

Cuomo also urged New Yorkers to be alert for train service on the MetroNorth Railroad’s Eastern Corridor Line, which runs from New Jersey to New York.

“Stay alert and aware of your surroundings as you travel,” Cuomo wrote.

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