New train, new railway link in Australia


Rail services are being added to Australia’s largest rail network, with a new commuter line and a new passenger train linking the state’s capital city, Melbourne.

The Federal Government has promised to spend $400 million on the line, which will provide a new option for commuters on the north-west corridor.

The line is currently under construction between the city of Melbourne and its outer suburbs, but is set to open later this year.

The new line will include new stations at the state capital, Melbourne, as well as at the nearby town of Warrington. 

The State Government says the new line is the result of a $400m investment in the rail network. 

“Our railway network needs to work with a renewed focus on passenger services, with rail links being built across the country to meet growing demand and meet the growing demand of people moving from regional and remote areas to Melbourne,” Minister for Infrastructure Anthony Albanese said.

“The new railway line is a great opportunity for commuters and freight train operators, with new facilities that will allow them to travel to and from work, and provide services on the northern and inner-suburban rail lines.” 

It is hoped the new rail link will be the next step in the State Government’s long-term plans to build new trains between Melbourne and Brisbane. 

Earlier this year, the State Governments Regional Rail Plan announced that the state would spend $300 million to expand the state-owned South-East Regional Rail Network from Melbourne to the Northern Territory, which includes Brisbane.

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