Northern Railroads to close two train stations in Colorado Springs and Rocky Mountain


Railroad owners say they’re closing two stations in southern Colorado Springs because of the weather.

The closures are the first for a month, the company said in a statement on its website.

The closure is the result of “the forecasted effects of high winds and precipitation on the railroads’ existing track and other infrastructure.”

Northern is the owner of the El Paso, Pueblo, Pima and Colorado Springs railroads.

The Southern Railway has two other stations in northern Colorado Springs, one at Fairbanks, another at Loveland.

The railroads said in their statement that “the planned closure of the Fairbanks and Loveland stations due to high winds will occur as planned.”

The rail companies said the stations were built before the “major storms of 2015,” which caused heavy weather and destroyed trains and infrastructure.

The companies said that while they would work with the Federal Railroad Administration to provide train service between the two stations, the stations are not being closed because they are too far apart for passenger traffic.

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