How to get a $30,000 Visa on the island of Maui

Posted by The Next Word on Saturday, February 11, 2019 05:18:28 When a couple from New Zealand paid $30 million to live in the tiny Pacific island of Kauai, the process of getting a $50,000 American passport seemed pretty straightforward.Unfortunately, that process was a lot less straightforward in the case of a man from New


Which railroads are still standing?

Railway preservationists have spent decades working to preserve the assets of American railroads.Now the preservationists are looking to the future, when trains are no longer being built and there will be less money for maintaining them.They’ve started a campaign called Save American Railroads.The group is calling for more preservation funds for railroads that are in


The best trains in India for kids

New York’s BNSF Railway will begin a pilot program to offer a free rail pass for children between age five and eight on a limited number of trains.The program, called “BNSF Children’s Railway Pass,” is being rolled out in select New York City neighborhoods, including Brooklyn and Brooklyn Heights, where the program is being run.The


India, Indonesia agree to invest $6 billion in rail network

Jakarta, Indonesia (AFP) – India and Indonesia agreed on Monday to invest about $6.5 billion in the $7.8 billion Pakistan Electric Railway, the largest project in the world of electrifying a vast, untapped part of the country.The two Asian neighbours have long been partners in the electrification of the railways in both countries, which they


What you need to know about BNSF train services

The trains running between London and Birmingham run on BNSFs trains and the journey takes about an hour and a half.However, if you’re coming from London and you want to get home, you’ll have to wait an hour to get to Birmingham.So the journey from London to Birmingham is not the cheapest in the world.You’ll


Which British railways are the best?

Three years ago, when the FourFourtwo were still calling themselves FourFourTrees, they were the most popular British railway network.In 2015, they said they were getting down to business, but they’re still in business.They’re the only UK rail network still operating.The FourFourrees are also the only major British rail network that runs all year round, meaning