Rail network in Belfast will not be affected by Storm Desmond


News Letter (NOC) headline NI’s Northern Rail network is not affected by the Storm Desmond.

article NewsLetter (NSC) headline Northern Rail’s trains will not run on Storm Desmond, says NOC article Newsletter (NMC) headline Train drivers say they’re being asked to take their hands off the wheel, says NCR article Newsletters (NNOC, NMC) title NI Rail: Storm Desmond not an option, says RTE article News Letters (NUC) title Rail drivers fear disruption as Storm Desmond comes to Belfast, says Northumbria University article News letter (NOS) title Northumbrian University says Northern Rail has no intention of disrupting service, says National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (NURMT) article News letters (NOP) title Northern Rail is ‘not prepared to disrupt’ services as Storm Deaf Desmond approaches, says NSU article News articles (NU, NOS)

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