Russian Railways, Hornby Railway to reopen in late 2018


Russian railroads and freight services were able to resume services on Monday, following a suspension by the authorities of two major rail lines, a senior government official said.

Ahead of a meeting with officials from the Russian Federation, Russia’s railway minister said the two rail lines in question, the Trans Siberian Railway (TSR) and the Hornby railway, would reopen on Monday.

The first two lines, which run along the Siberian border with China, were suspended in mid-March, when a state of emergency was declared in Crimea and the city of Sevastopol, where Russian President Vladimir Putin’s family lives.

Both Trans Sib and Hornby have operated under a state-owned monopoly since the Soviet era.

Trans Sib was suspended after a string of accidents in May, in which at least nine people died, the most recent on March 19, when at least 15 people died when the train derailed.

Hornby, which is owned by the Russian state, was also suspended after another fatal crash in May.

Both rail lines were built in the late 1990s and early 2000s, but were shut down for years, partly due to safety concerns.

The Trans SIB has been shut down by a government decree since January.

It runs a number of passenger and freight trains in Russia, including a popular service between Moscow and Vladivostok.

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