‘Saving The World’ trailer reveals the journey of a young girl with a secret destiny


Now Playing: ‘Saves The World,’ a new animated movie by Pixar stars John Goodman and Amy Poehler about a boy and a girl who are both destined to save the world and then one day get stuck in an avalanche that threatens to destroy the entire planet, is set to hit theaters on August 21.

The film is a remake of Pixar’s 2014 “Saving Mr. Banks,” which is also the story of a boy who saves a bank from collapse.

The story was created by Matt Damon and his partner Drew Goddard, who also wrote the screenplay.

The new animated film, titled “Saves the World,” stars John, Amy, and John Goodman.

It is based on the book by Daniel Handler, which was written with Damon and the original creators of the book, Damon and Phil Lord and Christopher Miller.

A trailer released by Disney shows a young boy named Owen (Goodman) and a small girl named Riley (Poehler) saving a bank in the animated film.

The two are trapped in an ice cave in the film, which the three are trying to free.

They are rescued by a giant dog named Jack.

The three have a dog named Rover, who is a rescue dog.

The four are also saved by Jack, who takes them to an old school building.

The building is flooded, and the group is forced to climb up to the roof to escape.

The movie was written and directed by Damon and Goodman and was produced by James Ivory, who was previously the director of the upcoming film “The Incredibles 2.”

It is the first animated film by the studio that has been released in 2018, which has been the year for Disney Pixar to become one of the biggest animation studios in the world.

The studio has released “Moana,” “Finding Dory,” “Frozen,” “Aladdin,” and “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.”

“Saves” will be released to theaters on the same day as “Moan” in theaters.

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