Railway labor act to be passed by Lok Sabha

Railways will be given a fresh opportunity to strike and a ban on the construction of new track in the wake of the coal block allocation scam.Sources in the Railways said the Lok Sabha would pass the Labor Act (LNA) which will prevent the construction work for three months from start on January 1.The LNA


What you need to know about the rail industry

The Rail Corporation of India (RCCI) is the body that runs India’s railways, and its job is to oversee the entire operation.It has been in operation since 1932, and has had many roles to play, from overseeing train and station operations to overseeing passenger services and the supply chain.It is responsible for managing the rail


What’s happening with railroads across the country?

An Associated Press analysis of railroad data shows that the number of rail lines in various states is shrinking.In some cases, rail lines are being eliminated altogether.Key points: The numbers show that the rail industry is shrinking, and many are being removed at an alarming rate: The number of railroad lines in the U.S. has