What is the Pacific Electric Railway?

This week we’ll be looking at the Pacific electric railway that connects the Northern Territory and the Northern Maroochydore.It’s a massive project that would transport around 4.4 million people a year and take about a decade to build.But it’s also an important piece of infrastructure in Australia’s future transport infrastructure.It is vital to Australia’s national


Which is the longest railway in the Pacific?

With a capacity of over 4,500,000 passengers a day, the Pacific Electric Railway is one of the longest railways in the world, and one of only two remaining in the region.Named after its legendary conductor, Alishan Forest, the longest track runs from Victoria in New South Wales to New Guinea, connecting Australia with South America.Its


India, Indonesia agree to invest $6 billion in rail network

Jakarta, Indonesia (AFP) – India and Indonesia agreed on Monday to invest about $6.5 billion in the $7.8 billion Pakistan Electric Railway, the largest project in the world of electrifying a vast, untapped part of the country.The two Asian neighbours have long been partners in the electrification of the railways in both countries, which they