When it rains, it pours

The National Park Service announced a rain storm on Saturday that could affect the life of tens of thousands of visitors to the Grand Canyon.The storm is expected to last until late Monday.The National Weather Service said the rainfall will affect the canyon as well as areas in the San Gabriel Mountains and the Mojave


What happened to the sodor rail line?

The sodor line, a line that ran from the San Diego-to-Los Angeles border to Mid-Sodor, is a popular tourist destination in Southern California and was once a favorite destination for trains.It was built in 1929 by railroad magnate Henry Sodor.Sodor’s family bought the line in 1924 and continued operating it as a private railroad for


How to make a movie about the “Dora train”

A new movie about an escape from the world of the Dora train has been released, and it’s a roller coaster ride unlike anything you’ve seen before.“Doralite” stars Emma Thompson as the lead character and is being produced by Warner Bros. Pictures, which is also producing the upcoming live-action adaptation of the children’s book.“It’s like