When is the next train to run on the London Underground?


A train running on the long-running London Underground is likely to get a boost soon after a new route was announced in a report by the Passenger Transport Association (PTA).

The rail operator’s boss, Chris Grayling, said on Wednesday that the latest schedule would see a new line from the Victoria Line to Victoria Station, then a further service to the new Covent Garden station, which has been under construction for about three years.

He said the new line would also be a “high-capacity” service and could run between the old London Midland line and the new South London Line.

The train will be called “Covent Garden” and is set to be “deliverable” on 24 November.

A second line, linking South London to the Northern Line, is set for late 2018, but this line is not yet on the schedule.

“It will be a high-capacity service, and will enable people to get to the stations faster, as well as the other benefits that come with high-quality rail infrastructure,” Grayling told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

Grayling said the timetable would see the new Victoria line extended by two days, to allow for more trains.

“We’re going to make the connection a little bit faster and it’s not going to be quite the same as the South London line,” he said.

There are also plans to widen the existing Victoria line by three kilometres, but these are still in the planning stages and are likely to be delayed by up to three years, the PTA said.

“There are lots of things we’re looking at,” Grayled said. 

The new service is expected to run every 15 minutes between the Victoria and South London lines, with extra services to Covent Gardens and Victoria station on a “limited” basis.

An estimated £1.5bn has been spent on the Victoria line and a further £1bn on a planned extension from the South East of England line to Coventry. 

It will run every five minutes between Victoria Station and the Central Line. 

“We’re really excited to announce the Covent-Garden line extension and we’re also looking forward to seeing it in the coming weeks,” Graylin said.

He added that the Coventry line was “one of the busiest lines in London”, adding that it had seen an “incredible” improvement in passenger numbers in the last five years.

In 2018, the line saw more than half a million journeys, including more than a million overnight trips.

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