When NC Rains Railroads Scramble to Clean Up Sex Trafficking Scandal


In what could be a long, drawn out battle for control of the NC railroads, a new law was passed by the state legislature on January 10, 2017.

The bill was meant to curb the ongoing sex trafficking scandal on the railroads.

As part of this new law, the NC Railway Commission was asked to study how to curb sex trafficking.

The NC Railway Commissioners had initially rejected this request but on January 12, the new law passed, and the NC Rail Commission was tasked with studying ways to prevent sex trafficking and sexual exploitation of women and children on the NC railways.

The new law also mandated that the NCRail Commission and state government agencies conduct a sex trafficking investigation, report their findings to the NCRB, and report back to the state government with recommendations on how to further address the issue. 

According to a report in The Associated Press, the newly enacted law will require the NC Railroad Commission to conduct a comprehensive and transparent investigation into the issue of sexual exploitation and sexual trafficking of NC Rail workers. 

The law also requires the NCRA to report annually to the legislature on its progress in eliminating the sex trafficking problem on the railroad.

This new law has been called “the first step in addressing the issue,” and is meant to provide for the victims and their families “a safe place to go to and a way to get justice.” 

While the new bill may not be the answer for the NCR sex trafficking issue, it is an important step towards eliminating the problem, and will hopefully lead to better outcomes for victims and survivors. 

For more information on the new NCR law, please visit the NCRR website. 

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