Why do some cars need to be buried?


The most common cause of a train derailment is when the train’s brakes don’t work.

But there’s another type of derailment that’s more deadly: a derailment when a train hits the ground.

A train hit the ground on July 25, and at least 12 people were killed.

That’s according to the National Transportation Safety Board, which says there were about 20 fatalities and about 250 injuries in the accident.

Here’s a look at what caused that derailment.

The train hit an electrical substation at the site of a nearby factory, causing a chain reaction.

The accident occurred near the intersection of Highway 4 and North Main Street.

It’s not known exactly how many people were on the train, but it’s thought to have been around 500 people, according to CNN.

The incident occurred just after midnight.

The NTSB says it believes that a “system failure” caused the train to stop, with the train traveling for about five minutes before the train went off the tracks.

The track was not connected to the electrical grid and was not being used.

According to the NTSB, the train was not wearing brakes.

It also says that there was no sign of damage to the locomotive or the rail cars.

The trains’ brakes were reportedly not working.

The National Transportation Board says it’s looking into the cause of the derailment, but the NTSC has not yet issued a report.

It has not ruled out that the train may have been running a defective train, though it doesn’t say if it’s a possibility.

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